Positive Culture 
and Safety

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Positive Culture and Safety underpins our rapid growth experience.

Bailey Personnel has grown from a small family “start up” to a large business over the course of 15 years and currently operates in all major airports around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We currently place over 500 employees daily around the country, coordinated and managed from a centralised planning model in Sydney with 24/7 coverage.

To get to this size and for further growth, we understand the importance of reinforcing a positive culture throughout the workplace. We only select and safety train the people with the right presentation, attitude and positivity to be placed into our clients' companies. This is such an important process with Bailey Personnel, as our people are a reflection of us as a business, and the values the we want our brand to adhere to.

Our Non Negotiables

  1. Safety First

  2. Just Culture Reporting

  3. Representing Our Brand

  4. Personal Standards

  5. Client Focused


5 keys to Positive Culture

  1. Communication

  2. Feedback

  3. Appreciation

  4. Engagement

  5. Humour

Positive Culture and Safety Manager

The most important part of our business is culture and safety, Andrew Pierce joined the team in 2014 with his key responsibility being to ensure that our internal team and temporary labour hire team members are working and thinking about Safety first before anything else in our day to day dealings and assignments. Through consistant site visits and toolbox talks, Andrew is an integral part of the Bailey team. We have invested in Andrew as our Positive Culture and Safety Manager. The results we have seen since his introduction to the business from clients and candidates have been above our high expectations. Productivity, retention and safety is at an all time high. Andrew also ensures that his positive attitude and passion for safety is filtered through our entire workplace from the Founder Justin Bailey right through to the team members in the front line.

Charity & Community support

Bailey Personnel sponsor and support various, people, charities, sporting clubs and organisations. Giving back and supporting those who are such important parts of the community, and are doing things to push themselves and achive their goals, is very rewarding for Bailey Personnel as a company. Some of those include...

  • Wanda Surf Club
  • Primary Club of Australia
  • Gymea JRFLC
  • Liz Pluimers (Iron Women)
  • Blue Lunch – Sydney Children’s Hospital
  • South Sydney High School
  • Indigenous employment
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